Operations & Maintenance – Solar Inverter Replacement

Solar Panel Provider’s UK’s start to finish customer care service does not stop at commissioning. Our aftercare & operations and maintenance service will ensure you get the best possible reward on your investment.

Solar PV heath checks
Our regular health checks guarantee the peace of mind that your system is performing at its optimum level. We supply and install the highest spec PV equipment available that comes with long term warranties. On certain products it is also possible to extend the warranty at the time of purchasing.

Operations and maintenance service
With extended warranties, minor faults do still occur. The best way to keep on top of these is through our operations and maintenance service. Regular technical checks partnered with a solar panel clean, you really will get the most out of your system ensuring you save money on your bills.

Regular panel cleaning
Cleaning your solar panels will remove build-up of, dust, bird debris, pollen and other pollutants that will harm your systems output. In extreme cases, through our monitoring systems we have seen a system improve its output by almost 35% once cleaned.

Solar inverter replacement
If your solar PV inverter also fails over time, we offer an inverter replacement service. Aiming to have your system back up and running within three days, depending upon our supply chain.

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Call For Advice or a Quote: 01745 560730

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do solar panels need cleaning?
Regular panel cleaning will allow more sunlight to hit the silicon cells inside the panel. When sunlight shines onto the panels, the electrons within the cells become agitated. Once they become agitated they begin to move and create electricity. More sunlight hitting the clean cells means more energy generated, which in turn means greater savings for you.
How often should panels be cleaned?
We advise panels are cleaned at least once every two years. Regular and heavy rainfall will help as any loose debris will be rinsed away. However this may not always be the case, for example, the pitch of your roof, the orientation of the roof, if panels are located near a heavy polluted area e.g. farms or industrial areas. Keeping on top debris on your panels will only benefit you, as it ensures greater energy production.
What is the lifespan of a solar inverter?
Most inverters come with a standard five-year warranty, however this warranty can be extended to ten + years if requested. Inverters should last much longer than the standard five years.
What is the lifespan of a solar panel?
Solar Panels have a long lifespan. Most panel manufacturers offer a 20 – 25-year warranty. Most manufacturers guarantee that their panels will continue to work at 80% efficiency after 20 years. Our engineers will pass on all warranty details for all panels that we supply.
What warranty periods do Solar Power Provider UK offer?
All of our installations come with a standard two-year workmanship warranty, including labour. The products that we use are all covered by their standard warranties, unless extended warranties are requested. Most inverters come with a standard five-year warranty, however warranties can be extended to ten-years. The panels that we install have an operational warranty of 25 years, and a product warranty of at least 12 years. If the products fail within their warranty period (but after our two year warranty), you will only need to cover our labour fee.


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