Electric Vehicle Charging – Electric Car Charging Points

Slash you’re A to B emissions by using an electric car charging port (EV charge points).

With electric and hybrid vehicles becoming ever more popular, the demand for the installation of electric car charging ports, is increasing. Currently charging your electric vehicle is dependant upon public charge points and their convenience. By installing your own at home or commercial EV charge points you are saving your time, money and effort.

Ideal for businesses
Buyers are entitled to the Governments latest incentives, paired with the road tax relief. Giving you, your customer’s and your staff an option to charge their vehicle whilst shopping or at work. This would give your business an environmental foundation on which to build from.

When to install an electric car charging port
EV charge points can be installed at the same time as a solar PV array. The generated solar power is fed directly into the EV via the charge station. Improve your business’s environmental externalities and comply with the latest CSR objectives.

By incorporating an electric car charging port with either a roof mounted or a solar carport system, you will be removing the need to charge your environmentally friendly vehicle from carbon loaded energy.

EV charge points come in a variety of options, AC or DC, fast or standard charge rate, single or dual points of charging. Whatever your requirements our engineers are here to help and advise you every step of the way.

Grants are available for businesses
Installing an EV charger needn’t be expensive. Grants are available to contribute towards your system for commercial installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will grants be available for homeowners?
From April 2022 the Government backed OZEV grant for homeowners will no longer be available. At present the Government are giving homeowners a voucher worth £350 towards their chosen EV charge point.
How long will grants be available for business’s?
Business’s can claim up to £14,000 towards the installation of EV chargers, £350 per charge point, up to 40 Charging stations. At the moment there is no cut-off set by the government on this scheme.
I don’t have solar PV, does this matter?
In short, no it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a solar PV system. You can still install and charge your EV through grid supplied energy. However the charge station is most cost effective when it is partnered with a solar PV array, that will generate cheaper energy when compared to your high grid tariffs.
How does the EV work with solar PV?
Similar to an Energy storage system, whereas the excess solar PV energy that is generated is fed directly into the EV charge station. If the EV does require more energy, it will then call upon the grid. Some charge points will alter their rate of charge as to only use the excess solar PV energy available by monitoring the overall system.
Can business’s gain revenue from EV points?
Business EV charging stations can offer staff and customers cheaper competitive rates to charge their vehicle whilst they work or shop. This will add another revenue stream to your business whilst giving a growing satisfaction to customers and staff. It is even more competitive when incorporated with a solar PV array.




When first being considered, principles of the new domestic system, the technologies involved, and length of useful life were carefully and meticulously explained to us by one of the company directors.

Then, with decision made to continue, high quality panels, converter unit, electronics and computer links were all quickly and efficiently installed by their expert staff.

To date our system has run trouble free for over 10 years, and is still highly effective, returning a steady flow of benefits.

As solar energy technologies have advanced, so has the breadth of skills and knowledge of this family run company, which successfully serves a wide range of private, commercial and industrial interests and enterprises.”

Arthur and Sheila Greaves

We would thoroughly recommend Solar Power Provider, as a Company, we have used them for several of our projects both commercial and residential. They are extremely efficient, they explain everything thoroughly, they come when they say, the paperwork is all in order and timely and the back up is first class ... we wouldn't use anyone else !

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