Commercial Energy storage – Commercial Solar Battery Storage

Store any surplus energy for later use with Solar Power Provider UK’s commercial battery storage systems. Reduce your company’s outlay on high energy tariffs, carbon loaded electricity, and improve your carbon footprint.

A commercial battery storage system allows you to save your surplus self-generated solar PV energy for use in hours of darkness.

Our long-established network of professionals has allowed our team to develop expertise in the application of Lithium-ion battery storage systems. Solar Power Provider UK install only the best brands and types of battery storage equipment to suit your needs. With app integrated technology, meaning it is even easier to view and control your energy storage system.

Reduce your energy usage and save more on your energy bill
Normally, self-generated solar power must be used instantaneously throughout your business, otherwise excess energy is released back to the grid. However, with an commercial battery storage system you are able to store that excess energy for later use, this then reduces your reliance on power imported from the grid and fossil fuels. Your stored self-generated solar electricity can then be called upon in hours of darkness, to reduce your evening usage and save you even more on your energy bill.

Energy storage systems can be installed as a retrofit option or at the same time as your solar PV array.

If your company’s electricity tariff is cheaper in the evening, this cheaper source of energy can be fed into the battery storage system, to be dissipated at a later date when normally your would be using more costly energy from the grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
When your solar PV system generates excess energy, where it is supplying all of your home load and then sending energy to the grid, this energy will then be stored in a battery bank and prevent your self generated energy escaping back to the grid. This stored energy can then be used when your demand is greater or in hours of darkness.
What battery do you use?
We use a Lithium-ion battery in our energy storage systems. The Lithium-ion battery will give you a far greater performance, a longer lifespan and a better reward on your investment.
What happens if I’m not at home during the day?
If you are not at home during daylight hours, your solar PV will continue to run your homes energy demand and charge your energy storage system to 100%, ready for when you are home in the evening. This means you can still benefit from green self-generated energy at night time when your solar PV is not generating.
What is the lifespan of the battery system?
Generally, This is dependent upon the charge cycle of the energy storage system. Lithium-ion batteries have a 10-15 year warrantied lifespan. For the best possible aftercare we recommend regular health checks and a full maintenance program.
What happens to excess energy when the batteries are full?
When your batteries are full and your Solar PV is generating more energy than required in your home, the excess energy is then exported back to the grid. They key here is that the system will always make sure excess energy is used to fill the batteries before exporting to the grid. Once full, all excess energy can be exported, where you are eligible to claim payment from an SEG distributor. Call our friendly experts to find out more on the SEG scheme.

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When first being considered, principles of the new domestic system, the technologies involved, and length of useful life were carefully and meticulously explained to us by one of the company directors.

Then, with decision made to continue, high quality panels, converter unit, electronics and computer links were all quickly and efficiently installed by their expert staff.

To date our system has run trouble free for over 10 years, and is still highly effective, returning a steady flow of benefits.

As solar energy technologies have advanced, so has the breadth of skills and knowledge of this family run company, which successfully serves a wide range of private, commercial and industrial interests and enterprises.”

Arthur and Sheila Greaves