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Domestic Solar Installation

Discover the benefits of green energy with our custom domestic solar installations.

Commercial Solar Installation

Empower your business with commercial solar panel installations.

Battery Storage Installation

A home battery storage solution enables you to store excess solar energy.

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Electric Vehicle Changing Port

Enhance your electric vehicle experience with our integrated EV charging ports.

Solar Car Port Installation

Transform your parking area with our solar carport installations.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Our aftercare maintenance service will ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Leap into the Solar Future: Where Our Vision Illuminates Your Reality.

Step boldly into the solar-powered future with our innovative solutions. At our company, we’re dedicated to turning our vision of sustainable energy into your reality. Let us illuminate your world with cutting-edge solar technologies and personalised service.

Domestic Solar Installations

Energy costs are on the rise, but a solar panel installation for your home, supplied and installed by S.P.P UK, will reduce your energy expenditure, reduce your carbon emissions, and safeguard you from those expensive energy bills. A domestic PV installation will help run your home during daylight hours. The energy can also be stored for use in hours of darkness, by partnering it with an energy storage system. Whatever your requirements, our team will help you maximise your space at home to give you the best energy performance possible.


Commercial Solar Installations

Consider commercial solar panels from Solar Power Provider UK to revolutionize your business. Our installations slash energy costs, carbon emissions, and bolster your green credentials. Harnessing solar power enhances cash flow, sustainability, and reduces environmental impact, powering your business sustainably. Our tailored designs optimize energy performance, utilizing top-quality materials for maximum efficiency. Join the movement towards a cleaner, greener future with S.P.P UK’s commercial solar solutions.


Battery Storage

An energy storage system allows you to store excess solar energy for later use, diminishing reliance on expensive grid power imports. This stored self-generated electricity can be utilized whenever needed, cutting down expenses on costly imported power.

These systems can be retrofitted or installed alongside your new solar PV array. If your home electricity tariff is cheaper during off-peak hours, you can utilize this cheaper energy to charge your batteries for later use during peak hours, optimizing your energy usage and reducing overall costs.


Electric Vehicle Charging Ports

As EV popularity surges, the demand for home and commercial charging points rises, thus having your own charging port saves you both time and money. Beneficial for businesses, EV points offer government incentives and tax relief, and also enhances your environmental credentials. Install EV charge points alongside solar PV arrays to power vehicles with clean energy, reducing environmental impact and aligning with CSR goals. Choose from various options, including AC or DC, fast or standard charging, with expert guidance available. Grants are available for commercial installations, making EV port integration a cost-effective solution.


Solar Car Ports

Solar carports enhance on-site parking, offering optimal space utilization and reducing reliance on costly energy tariffs through clean, renewable energy generation. They also demonstrate your commitment to sustainable energy to employees and customers, enhancing satisfaction. By integrating EV charging stations, pressure on demand for charging facilities is alleviated. Excess energy can power EVs directly or be stored for nighttime use, ensuring a cost-effective energy supply. Our bespoke solar carports are tailored to your parking layout, featuring high-quality materials to maximize returns on investment.


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Maintenance & Repairs

Solar maintenance and repairs are crucial aspects of ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of solar energy systems. Regular health checks are essential to identify any potential issues early on and prevent costly damages. These checks typically involve inspecting panels for signs of wear, checking connections for loose wires, and assessing the functionality of inverters. Panel cleaning is another vital task as dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate over time, reducing the system’s efficiency. Periodic cleaning helps maintain optimal sunlight absorption and ensures maximum energy generation. Inverter replacement may become necessary as inverters are subject to wear and tear over time. Timely replacement of faulty or outdated inverters is essential to prevent disruptions in energy production and ensure the smooth operation of the solar system. Overall, proactive maintenance and timely repairs are essential for maximizing the performance and reliability of solar energy systems.


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